Questions I am asked most

What can I expect?
Your first visit you will be completing paperwork and giving me a brief overview of any issues and history that is relevant to your reason for seeking counseling. You can provide as much or as little information as you would like. I encourage my clients to share what they want help with the most and allow the process of therapy to bring out any other issues as it needs.

 I like to also remind my clients that counselors are not one size fits all. We are each unique in our style and manner and I encourage all my clients to let me know after 2-3 sessions if we are not compatible  for whatever reason and I will refer you to another therapist. This request is welcome by me. I want your time spent in therapy to be productive and allow you personal growth. To do that you need to have the right fit. If one therapist doesn’t work for you, please give another one a chance…remember we are not one size fits all.


How long will therapy take?
The simple answer is as little or as long as it needs. Because you are such a unique individual with life experiences that are all yours it is really hard to put a time limit on how long or little you will need my services. I encourage my clients to discuss their needs for sessions in our first meeting but I can’t give you an exact time frame for your own growth and healing.


What is required of me?
Self growth isn’t easy. Invest in the process and be open to work outside of sessions for the most personal growth. I often give my clients take home activities that will further add to our session each week. My goal in our sessions is to give you tools, skills and knowledge that you will be able to incorporate into your everyday life that you can draw upon when you need to. I would say some of the most important work happens in the time frame in between our sessions. This is when you do self reflecting, incorporate things you have learned during sessions and practice newly learned skills in your everyday life.