Date your spouse!

It occurred to me in session today that I have said to many couple clients the importance of dating your spouse. I frequently recommend dating as a way to reconnect and rekindle and I get met with the same comments over and over about not knowing what to do which creates an argument between the couple. So below I am linking some of my favorite websites to find date night ideas.

On top of these websites I would encourage you to check Groupon! Groupon is a fantastic place to find dates and save money while doing it.

Have fun exploring the vast amount of info on date nights! 

Atlanta area date night ideas: 

At home date night ideas: 

Cheap date ideas: 

Did you know there are actually subscription services that you can subscribe to? You can take all the work out of coming up with date night and get one of these instead. 

Date night in box subscription services:

Crated with Love:


  Date Night in a box:


Bonding Bees:

Unbox love:

None of these links are affiliate links! Some of these I have personally tried others I have not yet. 


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