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Meet our therapists

One of the most important things to our practice is that you are matched to the right therapist for you and your individual unique needs. This means that while we all are trained to work with basic therapeutic issues such as anxiety & depression for example, we each take a different approach in our work with clients. 

Just as you are unique….so is your therapist.

We are not one size fits all therapists, in fact our clients are encouraged in our intake sessions to check in with themselves after their 2nd or 3rd session to make 100% sure their therapist is the right fit for them. Even after they have completed their consultation and intake we feel this issue is important enough that we still encourage our clients to check in and make sure. 

Our approach 

Each of us approach our work differently and specialize in areas that are meaningful to us and in ways that we find most helpful for the clients we serve. While we cover a wide range of treatment issues we each have a focus in working with anxiety, depression, grief and trauma. While the presentation may look different, the person may be different, the core is the same.

Like many of our clients you may be here because you are struggling to find the happiness you know you deserve. You feel stuck repeating the same life patterns over and over again and you have tried everything you know to do.

That is where we come in. Let us help. 

Hi, I’m Allie. I am an EMDR therapist who works with those who are struggling with anxiety, chronic pain, traumatic events and those who struggle with an overall sense of not feeling happy with who they are. To learn more about me and approach with clients please click here

Hi, I’m Mary. I work with those who are struggling to be their authentic selves, create community connections and support and those who wish to embrace their sexual orientation. To learn more about me and my approach with clients please click here.